13 April 2011


(and no, this is not it)

in new york, i met up with my mum's friend. we went to brunch at the algonquin. because i'm all literary and whatnot, i knew the algonquin was literarily important. i just didn't know why. so when my mum's friend said we were going to the algonquin, i faked knowledge and acted as though going to the algonquin were something for which i'd been waiting my entire life.

little did i know. we all need to go to the algonquin because the algonquin is where i had THE BURGER OF MY LIFE.

this wasn't just the best burger in new york. it was the best burger in the world.


i love ketchup. i freaking carry my own. there are whole genres of food i'll eat simply in order to eat ketchup with them.

the only thing you need to know about THE BURGER OF MY LIFE is that THE BURGER OF MY LIFE was so good that it didn't need ketchup. just bread and half a dead cow.


Linda said...

OMG OMG OMG!! like, the algonquin of the algonquin round table?

the lindears have a bit of an obsession with random old-timey things. this be one of them. please describe the atmosphere.

and the burger, yo.

Anonymous said...

2 things:

I shall not discount the awesomeness of your recent burger consumption but

a) Have you been to Kuma's corner way out west on belmont? because Kuma's can change your life. I've probably gone on about it before, here in your comments and elsewhere. If I haven't, or if you want me to repeat myself, i will oblige.

b) if/when you come and visit we will take you a dive bar that offers up re-damn-donculous burgers made of organic meat (blah blah) the point is they're delicious.

Don't ask the jury to deliberate on your burger sentencing just yet, Oline.

oline said...

yes, the algonquin round table. seriously, you guys surprise me more often than most people with your knowledge of the randomest things.

and dougo, i know nothing about kuma's. enlighten!

Anonymous said...

heavy metal burger bar.

whisky on tap.

their 'basic' burger comes with a fried egg on a pretzel roll.

way west on Belmont.

too good for proper sentence construction.