18 March 2011

7 springing

spring is coming.

i'm wearing five layers of clothing when i notice this and the distinction is subtle, but it's there. the wind is still bitter, but it has changed direction. as though instead of standing against something, we are now being blown into it.

it is like resurfacing from the depths after having dived in on an inadequately shallow breath.

annette's is open. that's really all you need to know. 


Lara Ehrlich said...

GASP!!! I want!!!

oline said...

as you should!
perhaps you can imagine my excitement upon discovering there's a "banana pudding" flavor.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't push it away if it were set down on the table in front of me for me to, like, eat it and stuff.

oline said...

how big of you, douglas.

Acer Negundo said...

It's springing here, Caroline! 27 farenheit today and sun sun sun!

No ice crystals boring holes in the respiratory system!

I'm having ice cream to celebrate, too.

oline said...

that's farenheit?! dude, you live in a frozen wasteland! a beautiful one, but entirely too cold to support life.

Acer Negundo said...

And the other half of the year it's a boiling hot desert!

A land of extremes, it is.