31 March 2011

3 meat. good.

kantor is romancing a vegan. which means when we gather for Never On A Monday dinner it's, like, an unreasonably insane orgy of meat.

for example, the maude's meal, which involved cows, pigs, ducks, chicken and force-fed geese.

we pay our respects to old macdonald and then we take out his whole fucking farm.

everything's locally sourced, mind you, but still, the reality is that small villages could exist on the menagerie murdered for our meal.

that said, last night we went to the pork shoppe and slaughtered some animals. trust me, they did not die in vain.

the beef brisket melted like butter. the pulled chicken was to die for. the pastrami left tears of grease on our hands.

and the texas sheet cake? oh my god. i'm from tennessee, but still, it tasted like home.


Linda said...

my kid can make the sounds of all animals picture above. which makes this article even funnier to me.

jmillewitz said...

why "never on a Monday"?

oline said...

it makes for the longest week of all time.