30 March 2011

2 dear melissa auf der maur,

i love you.
there was a time when
-thanks to your angelic musical stylings 
in the background of "heaven tonight"-
i totally wanted to be you.

with your curly red hair and your bass 
and your backup singing.
when i was a senior in high school wearing tapered leg jeans
and dating a gay man,
you were my ideal version of the me i wanted to be.

sadly, you are now my nightmare.

let's break this down:

romper? check.
tights w/ romper? check.
glovelettes? check.
scarf worn as a veil? check.

omg, melissa auf der maur.
it's as though none of your clothes 
can decide what they want to do.

dear melissa auf der maur,
you are standing next to courtney love 
and you look like the train wreck.
please note: that is never good.


Linda said...

I was about to be all "at least she doesn't have what appears to be a hot pink pipe cleaner sticking straight out of her shirt", but then I was all "ohhh... nevermind".

oline said...

when you wear an outfit that comes with an arrow pointing out how bad it is, then you're in trouble.