30 March 2011

5 all the news you need today

New York Daily News:

The Telegraph:

and it's celine dion's birthday.
celebrate accordingly.


mak said...

Funny, I'm staring down 30 in less than 3 months and I think I'm just starting to come into "it" - whatever "it" is, anyway.

oline said...

same here. perhaps the fact that this study was commissioned by a funeral home should be taken into account. maybe that influences the demographic of respondents?

Linda said...

partner and i gave birth and then turned 29, so our surveyed results would be skewed. maybe it was a whole heap of new mothers.

oline said...

while i like that theory for me, it makes me sad for you. dear partner and lindear, you have not lost IT!

Linda said...

oh no, not sad. to replace the now lost parts of "IT", we now have OFFSPRING WONDERFUL-FUZZINESS. Masked in poop and sleep depravity, but still a suitable substitute.