14 February 2011

4 young oline: christmas, titanic and very real jfk and jackie plaster busts

[24 December 1997
Wednesday, 10:06]

[trans.: What a Christmas Eve. We are in Memphis. We went to the church service. It was good. I talked to Libby. She saw Titanic too and loved it. I got a lot of great stuff for Christmas. GPU's gave me a Pooh watch, a Kennedy book, Pooh socks. Daddy got me Jackie magnetic paperdolls and JFK and Jackie plaster busts. (They actually look real.)]

ps. no, young oline, they actually do not:


Linda said...

hee hee!

oline said...

sidenote: in keeping with historical accuracy, real looking plaster bust JFK fell off a windowsill in 2005, shattering his head.

Lara Ehrlich said...

POOR JFK BUST! Oh, the irony is painful.

oline said...

there's a sick part of me that wishes we had kept it. it was historically accurate after all.