17 February 2011

0 we've got the land, but they've got the view

i do not know where i'll be in a year, but i hope it's a high-rise.

working off the assumption that my life is following the trajectory of mary richards', we're entering into the oline in the city show: season six, wherein i'm due for a dramatic move so that viewers will have an easy means of delineating between the earlier and later seasons.

this is unlikely at best, given that my current rent is prohibitively cheap, my income is prohibitively low and my hobbies are prohibitively expensive. it is a time of prohibition.

when i lived in one room, i was desperate for two. now that i have two rooms, i long for one with a view. we're never really content with where we are. and while i choose to look upon that as a good thing, it's maddening all the same.

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