03 February 2011

5 dear roger barrett

here you are on the cover of francine pascal's 
sweet valley high #16: from rags to riches,
wherein you come into family money you did not know you had 
because your father was not who you thought he was.
from what i can determine, you are wearing a blazer 
over an oxford shirt 
over a polo shirt with the collar popped. 
my question, roger barrett, is: WHY?


Lara Ehrlich said...

who's roger barrett? a google search revealed images of SYD barrett, but i'm thinking he's not the same barrett at all...

oline said...

roger barrett was the token poor at sweet valley high, until his mom died and it turned out his dad was the uncle of bruce patman, sweet valley high's resident rich kid, so then roger goes to live at patman estates, where he apparently has a huge clothing budget that he squanders on poor fashion choices.

Linda said...

Ha! Crofie... I did the same google search and came up equally confused.

oline said...

oh dears, clearly we need to start a book club. or increase the web presence of the denizens of sweet valley.

Lara Ehrlich said...

i thought perhaps the cover model was some distinguished actor who once made poor, poor choices.