10 February 2011

0 browning v. burning

i cannot bake brownies.

can not.

do not tell me it is easy as pie. it isn't. pie i can do. i can do nothing with brownies but burn them.

this is not for lack of trying. during our recent blizzard, when my search for small adventure and inner joy was confined to the three rooms in which i live, i dedicated my life to the mastery of brownies. because, though i do not particularly love chocolate, i enjoy defeat even less.

and i do like the smell of chocolate. those days when ghirardelli is downwind and the whole city smells of cocoa are among my favorites.

so i baked brownies. for three days. in what was, essentially, an elaborately ocd means of freshening the air. boxed brownies even, so the margin of error was wide.

alas, not wide enough.

i burn brownies.


but my house, it smells delicious.

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