09 January 2011

2 what would elvis do?

i'm not a graceful being to begin with, as evidenced by the swan dive i took earlier at the feet of the real, live patty duke. so it should come as no surprise that i fall at least once every winter. when you're a clumsy girl traversing a city of ice and cobblestones in high heels, you're bound to lose your footing every now and again.

there's no snow on the ground these days and yet, in a cruel irony and flat shoes, yesterday i fell. this briefly seemed like the end of the world, as i lay there on the cobblestones, my legs and skirts akimbo, my knee a bit bashed.

it seemed like the end of the world until i remembered the jelly doughnut. the one i was still clutching in my mercifully spared right hand. and all was well again.


Linda said...

that's my girl!

oline said...

i thought that'd make you proud.