15 January 2011

2 today, on this day, in 2006 in oline history

five years ago today, i stumbled out of the lindears' apartment in nashville in the dead of night and flew to chicago for 24 hours, during which i traipsed about in the winter rain looking for apartments, ate dinner at le crepe with croftie, dougo, E, em and jen- all of whom are now elsewhere- and found a place to live. aside from the image of croftie in her green coat and dougo in the only coat i have ever seen him wear waiting for me in front of the toaster building on north ave., what i most remember about that day is the moment that afternoon when, in the backseat of the apartment finder's SUV as the sun set, i took in the vast wonders of what would be my new neighborhood (bakeries! bistros! two banks of america, oh my!) and told myself sternly, oline, you're not in hyde park anymore.


Lara Ehrlich said...

I can't believe it's been FIVE YEARS!!! And I remember that weekend so very well. Sigh.

oline said...

i miss your green coat.