25 January 2011

4 today, in random jackie historical context

you may remember the story of how seventh grade young oline sat in mrs. watson's science class in a pair of white short shorts straining to hear anderson cooper's report on the death of jackie o. 

every time i've revisited that story here, i've searched for an image of anderson cooper from that time, because it seemed important that everyone see anderson cooper as he was then. that was the only way to see that the story of how young oline met jackie is steeped in the drama of both adolescent sexual awakening and biographical love. 

because anderson cooper was the first intelligent, sexy man i ever "knew." amid a roster that included raleigh valverde and lisa ling, anderson cooper stood out as the mature, scholarly anchor on the 12-minute daily student-focused news program channel one. he was the anchor who covered the important stories. in my memories of him, he reported with a tremendous sense of extreme gravitas. 

all of which is ironic given that- as the photograph the gods at long last provided today proves- he looked like zack morris.


Linda said...


jmillewitz said...

I don't need this image. i remember the whole gang from channel one. I remember being so giddy when Lisa Ling became the "youthful" member of the view.

jmillewitz said...

but I do love the purple shirt.

oline said...

i remember having a similarly giddy response to the raleigh valverde cameo in the ted danson/whoppi goldberg classic made in america.