17 January 2011

3 o young oline & partner, First Lady

one of young oline's quirks?
forcing friends to watch The Kennedy Tapes
and imaging elaborate fantasies in which said friends are the First Lady.

one of young oline's quirks re: journaling?
forcing friends to journal about said fantasies whenever they spent the night.

9 June 1995 {part A}

Well, I was told to write in XXXoline's journal, so here I go. Today we watched the Kennedy videos and I began to like Robert F. Kennedy more. Next we all so delicately flipped through Caro's paper doll collection to find the "1,000 choices" that I will have as first Lady in attire. I sincerely hope that you, XXXoline, enjoyed my unpleasent company today. Now when I am First Lady and you are my clothing/glove advisor I will give complete credit to you, don't worry. Will we meet again...

9 June 1995 Part B

XXX and I had a dandy time this evening. I can't help but wish I could be her fashion advisor. It would be so neat. I read a little more of Exodus. I'm in chapter 24. It's really interesting. I guess so far as it goes I didn't know much about Moses.


Linda said...

well, well, bossoline! this is both hilarious and also one of the sweetest friendship examples I have ever read.

oline said...

it does, for better or worse, capture my secret dictatorial tendencies.

Lara Ehrlich said...

This is adorable. And I love that you admitted that your knowledge of Moses was deficient.