20 January 2011

4 harmony

i am learning to play the harmonica.

a somewhat incendiary hobby to be acquiring at the age of 29, according to my mother, who- in the exact same line and tone she once used regarding the subject of gay marriage- inquired, is this what people are doing now?

i use the word "learning" loosely, as i'm mostly exhaling and hoping for the best.

the harmonica is a poor substitute for a piano. let me just say that. one cannot pound a harmonica and, yes, for me, pounding is the piano's big attraction. it's a percussive instrument. it is meant to take a beating and, to go all thomas kincade for a sec, it warms the soul to give it a good one every now and again.

the harmonica is also a poor substitute for an accordion, which would've been my second choice for musical exploits. alas, accordion lessons are hard to come by and accordions are loud. and because i have been endowed with scruples regarding the disturbance music makes in the lives of others that my neighbor's guitar-playing, caterwauling boyfriend clearly does not share, i've shown restraint.

i have settled for the harmonica.

there has been one great shock so far in my "learning" to play the harmonica and that is the lesson in which i have taken the greatest pleasure as regards retribution again the aforementioned caterwauling man next door.

that lesson is this: there is fine line between "beautiful dreamer" and the laugh of fran drescher.


Linda said...

in one of his live albums, Johnny Cash made the comment that he can change harmonicas faster than you can kiss a duck. may the same good fortune fall upon you. best of luck.

oline said...

i feel that should be sewn on a pillow.

Acer Negundo said...

I am learning the harmonica too! I can play 3 songs.

I'm trying to diversify the Spermherders' tickle trunk of skillz.

Oh man. We're soooo getting that asshole next door back. DUET!!!

oline said...

i did share your epic asshole video with a friend the other day and she said that as she was watching it, her roommate came in and inquired after the racket.

i feel if we could only find someone to accompany us on the triangle, our dueling harmonicas band could rule the world.