14 January 2011

0 damn.

so THIS happened. and it's gotten picked up by the national media and created a firestorm about sex education and teenage pregnancy and blah blah blah. and i don't want to write about it, but all the reports i've read are fundamentally flawed because they don't mention the things that make this make as much sense as it ever will.

none of these articles talk about memphis. they don't point out how it has two separate school systems and that one of them is well-financed while the other one isn't. they don't wonder why that might be. they don't mention that the city is 62% black and that a third of its population lives below the poverty line. they don't point out that, though it's the 19th largest city in the country, it was ranked #1 in a hunger poll.

it's 2011 and 26% of people in memphis can't afford to buy food.

but no one is mentioning that. instead, they're pulling a news story from the notoriously racist local media and exploiting it as anti-abstinence propaganda when, in reality, it's got fuck-all to do with abstinence.

frayser middle/high is 97.85% black.

that is the story here.

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