27 December 2010

5 young oline on the very great satisfactions of blessing you

[trans.: I had a better day than yesterday.
I finished my book, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis today.
It was really cool. 
I tried to be as helpful as possible today
and I feel really good about it.
I did XXXXXX and XXXXXX's progress reports
and said "Bless You" every time I heard anyone sneeze.
It's given me a lot of satisfaction.]


Linda said...

this reminds me of that girl from high school who would always say "no thank you" whenever people blessed her sneezes.

Lara Ehrlich said...

Ha! To both Oline's politeness and the girl from high school's polite impoliteness :-) So funny!

oline said...

who on earth said that?!

and i don't know if it's comical or demoralizing that i've always been this pretentious.

Linda said...

Kristin somebody? she wore black all the time and had really short blond hair that she also dyed black.

and last I saw her, she worked at Michaels and had normal clothes & hair.

oline said...

oh, yes, i remember her. and i remember you seeing her at michaels. what i don't remember is her name.