01 December 2010

5 gifted

we don't do video events very often here because i have the sneaking suspicion that because i never ever click on video links this must mean no one else in the world does either. the success of youtube suggests otherwise so i'm going to suspend my disbelief for a good, self-effacing cause.

in keeping with the notion that this is the most wonderful time of the year and as a reminder that there are things far more stressful in the world than a chock-full dance card and holiday family time (being 19, for instance), i hereby give you fine people what will either be a monumental christmas fail or the second greatest gift the world has ever known.

you may remember my ode to The Poems from, like, yesterday. you may also remember that the high school boyfriend recently rolled into town for much madcapery. what you do not yet know is that a sliver of said madcapery involved the creation of a timeless seasonal video tribute event that will be airing IN PRIMETIME at 6 pm cst from now until some as yet to be determined time during the holidays, with possible extra-special bonus timeless video tribute events in between.

in the spirit of 19th century appellative, we here at OitC are going to call this Young Oline: The Poems, An Excerpt, As Read By Oline's High School Boyfriend For Whom They Were Written Ten Years Ago In An Ill-Advised Undergraduate Creative Writing Course Upon The Discovery That He Was Gay, Again, For Good.

watch. enjoy. bow down before the layers of shame flaunted for your entertainment. and, for the love of lars lindstrom, laugh.

chanceux noël.



Linda said...

wait... is the video on here now?

oline said...

6 pm. TONIGHT. wait for it.

Lara Ehrlich said...


oline said...

we'll see. it'll be something, if nothing else.

Acer Negundo said...