09 December 2010

2 #9

you stare, twin pools of chocolate sadness.
do not try to make sense of me.
a wild thing will not be captured.
for i am nothing to you.
i mean nothing beyond the screaming in my head.
words dancing on fingertip.
fuzzy sneeze tickling violet waves of dawn.
swimming onward towards your delicate saccharine hatred.
pounding through the torn lace veils of my blackened mind.
into the hole i fall.
there goes the redhead.
disarming you with a smile.


oline said...

britney spears.
tori amos.
the smashing pumpkins.
and "the short happy life of francis macomber."


Linda said...

kind of like a mashup song featured on "Glee", right? I would expect nothing less from a wild thing who cannot be captured.