17 November 2010

5 this is a low

remember how my mum and i went to denmark? and how prior to going to denmark there was all this hubub about how once we were there we were going to have to wear these world famous t-shirts from this mississippi department store so we could have our photograph printed in the tupelo newspaper, thus making my grandparents burst with pride?

what you didn't hear was how, once we got to denmark and opened the bags, we discovered those world famous t-shirts were the ugliest things in the whole wide world. the shirts were so unflattering that we did not even wear them in denmark but, rather, stole away to sweden for a day to wear them there. the danes had been good to us. we did not want to befoul their lands with bad fashions.

so this is how my mother and i came to have our photograph taken by canadian tourists as we stood on the top of an overlook in sweden wearing world-famous neon blue extra-extra-large t-shirts from a department store in mississippi.

and it is that photograph, mercifully blurred and in black and white, that appeared on page 5A of the tupelo journal yesterday afternoon.


Lara Ehrlich said...

Holy tulepo, those are ugly shirts! (but cute girls)

Linda said...

I believe Reynolds would count this as a "publish".

oline said...

yeah, this is totally something i want in my portfolio.

Osutein said...

There really are not words for the awesomeness of that. Also, I just realized I'm the only one in our writing circle who has not been to Denmark. I'm missing out.

oline said...

i guess this would qualify as my tupelo debut? thus, i am now the world's oldest debutante. oh, mississippi, land of dubious honors.