12 November 2010

2 the she saw

it's finally friday in one of those weeks where you're wishing for friday in earnest come monday at 5 a.m. in celebration, i give you an extra special dose of young oline that i like to call Deep Thoughts on the Recently Dead. and yes, i was writing obituaries by the age of 13. now just try and tell me biography isn't biological...

[trans.: When Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy died I really started thinking about what a long life she had. Also I thought about how different it was from mine. Rose lived for 104 years. I've lived for 13. Compared to her years 13 seems so small. She lived over a century. I've barely made it past a decade. She lived the history I'm now learning about. She is a part of history now.

She saw four of her children die and one of them to be left in childhood forever. She saw her 28 grandchildren grow into adults. She saw 21 great-grandchildren carry on the legacy that had begun with her over a century before. She saw World War 1 and WW2. She saw women get the right to vote. She saw three of her sons become senators. She saw one become president. She really saw it all and more. She saw Joan and Teddy's marriage crumble. She saw Pat and Peter's life become miserable. She saw Ethel suffer after Bobby's death. She saw Jackie marry Aristotle Onassis. She saw David die of a drug overdose. She saw Bobby and Jack die while trying to save their country. She saw the world around her change from a place that relied greatly on manual labor to one that was operated and controlled by computers.

To me Rose Kennedy is someone who has seen everything. She had done everything. She had seen love and hate. Horror and jubilation. She saw everything and we must never forget the things she saw because if we do it will be forgetting the person who was Rose. We will be forgetting her morals and values and we must never forget that. For she was the mother of Camelot and a grand lady.]


Linda said...

I am especially loving the title of this post right now.

oline said...

19 times, people. 19 TIMES.