04 November 2010

2 obsolescence

a woman is looking for tube socks.

she has been to five stores and cannot find them.

she is explaining this to a sales lady, who keeps saying, i'm sorry, ma'am. i'm sorry.

the woman who cannot find tube socks says, but they used to be everywhere...

i am standing in the hair colorant aisle at the walgreens on washington holding a box of clairol natural instincts #35 ebony mocha in my right hand and a box of clairol natural instincts #22 cinnaberry in my left when the elderly woman one aisle over who wants tube socks says, i've been waiting a long time to die, now i want to even more.

back at the office, i go to the bathroom and cry.

six stores down, there were tube socks at h+m.


Les Savy Ferd said...

*just picture me sitting here with my hand up in the air and my mouth open as if I was about to ask a question, nay, several questions but somehow the words, the words they will not come*

oline said...

that's pretty much my response too and i lived and wrote the damn thing.