08 November 2010

4 louisa may oline

[trans.: December 27, 1994. This evening while Daddy was seeing the Jungel Book, Ma and I went and saw Little Women. It was magnificent. I simply adored it. Ma and I just cried and cried when Beth died. We went shopping and bought a zillion lights for next Christmas. I got a "collie" 1995 calendar. It's nice. The new year should be good.]

[trans.: January 1, 1995. '95 has begun! If the whole year is like today it'll be extraordinary. We went to church, came home. At 1:45 XXXXXXX and I went to see Little Women (It was better the first time)...]

[trans.: 5 January 1995. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. I hope it does. Daddy's back. I watched My So-Called Life. That's a really cool show. The 6th grader named Evan threw up on the bus this morning. It was sick. Today was almost neverending. Last night I dreams XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX and I were actually in Little Women and we were actually sisters. XXXXXXXX was Amy, XXXXXXXX = Beth, XXXXXXXX = Jo and me = Meg. It was uncanny how real it all seemed.]


Linda said...

I am fifteen-years-later excited about the collie 1995 calendar.

oline said...

i got one every year so i don't know what this one was so exciting.

Dananator said...

Meg, huh. I wonder what you thought of your subconscious casting decision. Choosing your representative March sister is kind of a big deal. Like a Cosmo quiz for the literary tween.

oline said...

i think that was more than a bit disingenuous on young oline's part. meg was the one who got married and did what she was supposed to do. she was also extraordinarily vain but i probably missed that part in my enthusiasm for her pretty shoes.