29 November 2010

4 father/daughter

my father says he is ready to die.

not that he is going to or wants to, but for the first time in his life he feels ready.

we're standing alone in my parents bedroom. because it had been too cold and our beds were too warm and so we never mustered the fortitude for one of our early father/daughter morning walks, we are slightly off-kilter. our early father/daughter morning walks are key. we need to be outside, to be moving, to be at liberty to talk openly without looking at one another. but we never did that this time.

and so, i am looking him straight in the eye when he tells me he is ready.

i do not know what to do with this. i just know not to tell my mother.


Acer Negundo said...

Aw man. My dad always does that too! Is that a dad thing, I wonder??

oline said...

maybe so. but it's totally not cool.

The Whiffer said...

When you find out what to do with that, tell me. My blog 'Older Dolls' covers a recent similar encounter with my mother. Unforgettable moments. If it's of any use (which it probably isn't as I'm a complete stranger) -I get it!

oline said...

it's so lovely to hear that things like this are a common occurrence rather than native to my family.