01 November 2010

2 the brief wondrous life of miss vocabulair

Our ceasless journey has finally concluded. We have returned to our native residance and are trying to return to normalcy. The highlight of my afternoon was found in re-arranging my bookshelf. Now, some people would find that a bizarre source of entertaining onesself but somehow I get a deep sense of personal satisfaction from it. I conversed with XXXXX and XXXXX upon our arrival. You shall note I am penning in more ostentatious vocabulary. XXXXX has re-christened my name. Now I am refered to as "Miss Vocabulair"!


Linda said...

Miss Vocabulair: where did the ceaseless journey begin?

oline said...

i'm not really sure. we'd either gone to see grandma ruth in new york state or my aunt in north carolina. either way, i doubt the ceaseless journey lasted more than a day.