03 October 2010

3 the wedding date

there is no better gig in the world than being someone's date at the wedding of people you do not know. it's like making a cameo in a romantic comedy or guesting in a sitcom's season finale. very will & grace. total win-win.

so yesterday i tarted up in a fur coat and gold shoes and caught the #22 to the newberry, where i met katie i. in a park all romantical-like and commenced an evening of gaga and awesome in celebration of the love between two people i do not know.

katie i. and i share a special love. a love of food that is of near telepathic proportions. i was at first sorry to see that katie i.'s friends' wedding guests did not share this love. but then i realized: there are few better places to be in life than alone in a room with a buffet of cake.


Linda said...

either my speed reading or blurry morning vision made me read the beginning of your second paragraph as "I farted in a fur coat", which confused me but also made me proud.

now, will you please overlook the crudity of my comments, and describe the dress you wore?

oline said...

honey, i don't do that.

black and gold silk dress with a green cumberbund thingy that made my boobs look incredibly wonky. to the extent that every single time katie i and i went to the bathroom we would look in the mirror and exclaim, "those are great boobs, but DAMN they look wonky!" so that dress may be on its way out. the fur coat though... the fur coat's moment has arrived.

can you get married again? my Fashions would be so much better this time.

Lara Ehrlich said...

YUM! CAKE! And strangely enough, on Friday I too was a wedding date at the nuptials of a couple I do not know!