09 October 2010

2 true love waits

dear mister 20th century fox,

there are absolutes we've established (HERE). i will enumerate them once again.

1. you are not a teller of truths.
2. you are a dirty, rotten douche.
3. you are a bad, bad man.

this all started in the summer of 2002. remember 2002, mister 20th century fox? i was 21. i was living in mississippi and did not yet own a dvd player. there was no iraq war. kelly clarkson won american idol. martin sheen was running for reelection on the west wing. britney and j.tim were dating.

remember all that, mister 20th century fox? you very well may not because it was forfreakingever ago.

we've been together a long time, mister 20th century fox. eight years. that is four times longer than my longest romantical relationship with an actual living man. and that, mister 20th century fox, is embarrassing.

this tuesday, season 7- the final, very last season ever- of the mary tyler moore show is coming out on dvd. i know this for a fact because, mister 20th century fox- thanks to amazon's quirk of sending out pre-ordered things in advance of the street date- i am already holding it in my very hands.

so here we are, mister 20th century fox. you and i at the end of a long, long road.

seven seasons. eight years. see you around.



Linda said...

I honestly don't know how to feel right now!

oline said...

i figured you would probably benefit the most of anyone from this.