08 October 2010

4 it's a doozie

macarons are really hard to make. as in, people who actually know how to bake baked goods professionally (um... bakers) have devoted entire blogs to their adventures in failing to successfully make macarons. the whole blog, mind you, not just a post.

because the macaron is a demanding little beast. it must be baked with the oven door open because it requires a temperature lower than any modern oven will go. a candy thermometer is recommended. "delicacy" is the word that appears most often in the recipes and descriptions. delicate. that is the macaron.

the other day at work we had a pot luck. worn out from playing with pumpkins to heat my home, i bought two boxes of entenmann's chocolate chip cookies and one can of duncan hines deluxe white whipped frosting. i slapped the frosting on the cookies, shoved two cookies together and created something that anyone who has ever (a) known partner and i or (b) eaten at the great american cookie company in any mall food court in the southern states will know is a "double doozie."

and that is what i brought to the office potluck. store bought cookies slammed together with frosting. goodness, but not exactly gourmet.

surely you can see why it might be troubling then that, in what i can only assume is indicative of baked good ignorance on a nationwide scale, more than one person approached the buffet and, upon seeing my humble double doozies, exclaimed in glee, look! someone brought macarons!!!


Lara Ehrlich said...

I surely hope you didn't tell them the truth! Let them think you slaved over the half-open oven.

oline said...

oh i didn't. i'd like as few people as possible to know the magic that can be made with boxed baked goods.

Megan said...

Honey, we need to talk about your baking skills. I have some really easy things that you can bring to potlucks.

Also, Mike loves Double Doozies. 1 Double Doozie = 1 hour of whine-free shopping. LOL.

oline said...

honey, my baking skills rock. 'nough said.

i approve of this man you've married. anyone who loves double doozies is quality.