04 October 2010

0 dear jane austen, this is what you do to impressionable young girls

21 July 1995

[trans.: Much of the day was spent cleaning. I arose at 8:29 a.m. (quite a late hour). The lateness left little time to be squandered. My CD's arrived. They are nice. I had quite a sudden inspiration for a story. I shall try and jot down a beginning tonight. 

I dare say, these past months have passed quite swiftly. Many events have happened (good and bad) and many things have changed in my life. I know my priorities in life. I hope in some way I have grown during this time. I have made new friends and I have been through a good deal with them. But I survived. I am no longer thirteen (that awful age). Now I am a year older and hopefully wiser as well.]

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