13 September 2010

2 "ghastly" doesn't begin to convey the horror that was my driver's license photo, 1997-2003

[trans: Tuesday, 11:15
15 July 1997

Braves were pounded (8-1). Gianni Versace was killed this morning, shot in the head. It's really quite sad. I passed the driver's test. I had the most antisocial woman imaginable. She made me wait for an hour. By then my hostility had consumed my fear so I was no longer intimidated by her. My picture on my liscense is ghastly. I was biting my lip so I look as though I have some horrid facial deformity. I have decided that I've had enough of these Rites of Passage. I shall not participate in them again!]


Linda said...

do you have a picture of aforementioned photo anywhere?

oline said...

sadly, no. but i'm pretty sure the threat of ever having that photo appear on the nightly news was what kept me on the straight and narrow during those years.