12 August 2010

7 greek to me

the other evening, after 34 emails in a single work day, k.clen, wendywhy, and i hoofed it down to dinner in greek town.

chicago's greek town is apparently somewhat different from other greek towns because chicago's greek town- unlike, for instance, actual towns in greece- is known for its saganaki. ie. bringing large portions of cheese to the table and lighting them on fire.

a tidbit that would have been useful to know prior to sitting down.

but we did not know. and so the first time this happened, it seemed a thrilling oddity. around about the tenth time, it felt more like a death wish.

we watched as a waiter precariously balanced a trio of cheese plates on his forearm and blithely torched them. though the eyebrows of the woman on whose table this incinerated cheese would ultimately wind up were clearly compromised, she clapped her hands in glee.

wearing a dress more appropriate for walking long distances in hot weather than for dining alflamma, i felt the fires of everyone's appetizers licking at my back.

the trip to the bathroom was much like picking one's way through the fire swamp, with little dairy fires popping up at random all around. their outburst heralded by nothing, but followed by an opa! so loud i swear it made the water glasses jump.

we left greek town, our nerves a bit on edge. and with a new understanding of what it means to be braised.


Megan said...


Linda said...

hee hee.. little dairy fires..

oline said...

scaaaaary. but better than birds.

taramoon333 said...

I am surprised you didn't enjoy the saganaki. One of the few ethnic enclaves to survive in Detroit is Greektown, where the underage drinker could always find a bar who sold and this delightful flaming cheesy treat. So I guess I was addicted at a young age. Did you enjoy the taste at least?

taramoon333 said...

also, what's with the Princess Bride pic? I think I'm missing the connection.

oline said...

the fire swamp!

and we didn't get the saganaki. because we didn't know to get it and everyone but me was lactose intolerant.

Les Savy Ferd said...

lactose intolerance is nature's way of saying 'cheese is disgusting and gross.'

I, too, grew sick of all the 'HOPA'ing that went on in greektown's fooderies.