03 July 2010

3 it's hard out there for a democrate

(semi-important context: when my family lived in atlanta, i spent either two sets of 2 weeks or one 4-week stretch with my mother's parents each summer. this involved a lot of sleep overs with the various granddaughters of my grandparents' friends, with whom i did not always philosophically agree...)

June 29, 1993

Spent the night at Bethany's! Had fun. Got allergy shot. Saw the Sound of Music. One of the bad points of today was that Beathany got talking about Clinton and being pro-abortion. That really ticked me off. I wish republicans would stay off my tail. Just because I'm not a die-hard republican doesn't mean I'm a democrate. I have decided I like Tom Cruise and am now dying to see "The Firm" but I need to be 5 years older. But at least I can "secretly" borrow Mummy's copy of the book to find out what the movies about! Got to Go.


Megan said...

1) I saw The Firm that summer.

2) I'm a die hard Democrat.

3) I also wish Republicans would get off my tail. LOL.

oline said...

this is why we are friends.

Les Savy Ferd said...

dang 'publicans! Get off my tail!