04 July 2010


and a young girl's discovery of the 3-point list...

August 11, 1993
My day has exactly half an hour left. Guess there's no hope. Went to Libby's. Stayed up until 2:28 watching "the blue and the Gray." I that movie. It captures the spirit of the Civil War & is so accurate. You can imagine your there. You can smell death and imagine the vivid, horrid sounds of young men boys and old men alike doing nothing short of suffering. They gave their lives for "The Cause." What was the cause. The South believed it was [...]

[...] the way of life. The north said it was rights. They gave their lives and saw such dreadful things you sympasize with the men who survived and had to tell others of what they saw, heard, and learned as they marched over 50,000 miles leaving paths of desolation, destruction and a flood of wounded. The wemon had an even harder task. To maintain a home, usually a load of children & having a husband at war. They had to cope with the [...]

[...] losses of loved ones and had to take on the teidious taskes of being nurses in one of the many hospitals that sprung up across the nation. And Abraham Lincoln. To be president at such a terrible time. To be disliked by the south. But even more Mary Todd to have to be shoned by Southerners & called a traitor. I saw how the branded, hung, shot, stoned, stabbed & killed in every other maner. To me they [...]

[...] were not much more than canables. They killed a person if they were not perfect. But then I saw how many innocent people got killed. People who were not in the war. Wemon small children all brutally beaten, stabbed and killed by an assortment of people. The world falling out from under the peoples feet. People expecting it to last a month and it lasts 5 years. 5 years of hate, murders, [...]

and waste. I think the northern cause was good & just but 5 years were taken out of those peoples lives. 5 years of misery, agony, and pain. 5 years of trying to prove your courage & how brave you were. When often you were killed on the threshold of your home. To actually kill someone. The war split families in two, killed innocent people and destroyed lives. But it achieved one goal. FREEDOM.}


Megan said...

1) I love how you misspelled women. LOL.

2) I agree that the Yanks should have just left us alone. Ooh, did I tell you that I managed to conquer one Yank and get them the hell out of my life? :)

oline said...

phonics worked entirely too well for me.

Les Savy Ferd said...

love that it ends in FREEDOM.

oline said...

really, after 5 years of murder, hate and waste, where else could it go?