15 July 2010

12 daned

[forgotten paris?

in 51 days, my mother and i are going to denmark. for a week and a half.

we have plane tickets and passports and, beyond a vague idea of what my wardrobe will be, we have very little else.

no hotels.

no rental car.

no plan.

yesterday, my mum actually went so far as to forget that we are indeed going to denmark in 51 days. she said, cupcake, we were talking to frankie and gary about planning something fun for labor day weekend. and i said, but mother dear, i should think denmark would be labor day fun enough.

unlike the trip to paris, which operated with the smoothness of a travel channel special on abbeys of the arrondissements, denmark is coming together to be a more slipshod affair.

not one danish podcast has been downloaded.

not one book on copenhagen has been read.

my aunt may or may not be coming.

i have 51 days to learn to drive stick.

this should all probably be rather scary. the idea of being two (three???) women winging it alone in a country with a wealth of baked good we will not have the linguistic wherewithal to buy. in reality, it's rather exhilarating.

and thanks to the inexplicable inclusion of danish subtitles on the digitally remastered alfred hitcock masterpiece collection netflix copy of the man who knew too much, we aren't entirely ignorant.

que sera sera!

uanset vil blive vil blive!


Megan said...

28 days to India!!!!

Oh yeah, 22 days to Chicago! LOL.

oline said...


Megan said...

Is the grr 'cause Chicago keeps coming in second to India or that I get to go to India and I'm not packing you? LOL.

oline said...

a little bit of both.

Megan said...

I'll take a picture of you to India? And then I could take pictures of your picture in front of the Taj Mahal and stuff so it would be almost like you were there?

Kristina said...

Why are you driving around when YOU SHOULD BE BIKING???
I got nothing for hotels - we stayed close to the port, and you do not want that. But the Carlsberg brewery was pretty awesome, for as touristy as it is.


oline said...

do it, meggie. DO IT.

and yes, we should be biking. but we're also apparently aimlessly roving about the countryside so a car is kind of a must.

Katie C said...

So. Just saying- my roommate has spent many a summer in Denmark being that her parents are from there. She'll be back in August. You two should be friends.

oline said...

yes, matchmaker, matchmaker. make me a match.

Acer Negundo said...

It'll all come together just fine. Maybe your mam is ultra laid-back about it because it's like she's returning to her home away from home. I mean, she's practically Danish and all.

News: I might move to Denmark.

No really. I've been researching and found out I would be able to swing it Visa-wise. The question is, do I feel to old? Maybe. But if I wait until I'm 35, I won't qualify for the Visa.

I will decide in the next month or two. I might be done with moving to other continents. Heck, Toronto sounds like a chore nowadays.

I'm babbling.

Acer Negundo said...

I hope you bring back a ton of Korkesblude.

oline said...

NEWS: i may have to come live with you. we could be danishes together.