12 July 2010

2 #1-4

i had five goals for 29. #3 was to eat 29 cupcakes. at the time, this seemed an appropriately noble challenge.

given that i had 4 cupcakes in the first 31 days of 29, which is an average of 1 per week and sets me up to consume 48 cupcakes during my 29th year, i'm realizing this goal was perhaps somewhat egregious.

1. banana banana.
sugar bliss.
2. raspberry lemon.
bleeding heart bakery.

3. pumpkin patch.
sugar bliss.

4. chocolate butter cream.
sweet mandy b's.


kit said...

one thing i like about you is that you always have lots of goals :) i vote for sugar bliss cupcakes, yummy!

oline said...

that is too true. i'm quite the goalie.