03 June 2010

3 this may Or may nOt be the first phOtO Of me and dOugO

what carO loves:

dOugO's shOrtie shOrts.
my many greens.
hill's sOcks.
red shOes.
green shOes.
r.c. cOla.
the flared jeans Of my life.
the unintentiOnal artful decapitatiOn.
j.shad, whO nearly fell intO lake michigan.
and how visibly yOung we were.
(frOm the neck dOwn.)


Osutein said...

Ah, the gloried beginnings of MAPH. How young we were, how transfixed by eyebrows.

oline said...

i was talking about jay the other day. and because i couldn't remember his last name, i googled him. and because i googled him, i came across a picture of the brows and was reminded of their bewitching monumentality. and eerie wrongness.

Les Savy Ferd said...

I am destined for brows such as those and cannot wait to inherit them. Unless, of course, you need to be inducted into the academe in order to get the last 10% of their luxuriousness. Because that, alas, will never happen.