08 June 2010

12 ma-kə-ˈrōn

a friend once likened me to a macaron: "tough on the outside with awesome innards." which is at once revolting and rather nice, because if one must be a dessert, i'm quite certain (assuming life as The Strawberry Cake Of Our Lives is not an option) one couldn't do much better than to be a macaron.

in the first 28 years of my life, i consumed a grand total of 13 macarons:

2 from alliance.
3 from delightful.
8 from france.

the 8 from france being so memorable that as many months later, i can still list their flavor and provenance:

framboise from le boulanger de saint-louis, versailles.

3 chocolat from pâtisserie rue du départ.

framboise, chaux, citron, and fraise from ladurée.

huge big happy SIGH.

the more mathematically inclined among you may be interested to note that a consumption of this rate equates to roughly 1 macaron per 26 months of life.

it is, therefore, both significant and highly awesome that in the last 8 days, with great pleasure, i have become queen of a kingdom, population 40 macarons.


paper wren said...

I see that either they sent you way more macarons than I ordered, or, I am not the only one who thought they would be the perfect birthday treat for you! It's raining macarons!

Meggie said...

See, France just ruined me for certain things... I can't eat macaroons now, croissants just aren't the same... Hell, most pastries aren't the same.

Linda said...

tee hee. innards.

Lara Ehrlich said...

Sigh. I loved those macarons you brought from France. Even though they were a little bit crushed and a little bit stale, they were little bits of heaven.

Les Savy Ferd said...

uh-oh. I think i ate little bits of heaven.

oline said...

well, hello everyone.

i'll take these in order...

jen darling, you were not the only but no others came IN THE MAILS! or from nyc. incidentally, trader joe's vanillas are surprisingly delish.

meggie, you are somewhat correct and yet that has not stopped me from eating them all the same.

oh lindear. such a twelve year old boy.

croftie and dOugO, get thee to delightful and try the chocolates. they are not four days old and they are yummy.

Les Savy Ferd said...

O. the Interpol song "Roland."


cannotcannot stop listening to it.

oline said...

have you heard the new the national? presumably not since you can't tear yourself away from interpol. but it's pretty good. and new gOgOl...

Les Savy Ferd said...

nopers. But the national keeps popping up on half-year best-ofs so I'm sure its killer.

Since I do not have Interpol on vinyl, I've been listening to Titus Andronicus and the Tallest Man on Earth a lot.

oline said...

can burn copies if you like...

how's the vinyling going? any amazing new purchases?

Les Savy Ferd said...

Lightning Bolt's "Earthly Delights" sounds mega-awesome on vinyl. It's cranky and loud and screechy and I'm sure the neighbors wonder why i've built an army of robots, armed them with table-saws and over-energized them to death.

Also, I may be the only person to have listened to the following artists in sequence this morning (or any morning, hallelujah):

Jeff Buckley
Napalm Death
Jimmy Eat World

oline said...

oh jeff buckley. did he finally make it to vinyl? i vividly remember standing in a record store with clark price in van cleave, mississippi (in the summer of 2001, just after we saw lara croft: tombraider) when a girl with spiked black hair, combat boots and blue eyeshadow begged the guy at the register to help her to get them to put grace out on vinyl. it makes me happy to think they finally got that done.