09 June 2010

2 the dog days are over

mr darcy died sunday night.

it's a misnomer really because, in reality, he was far more a mr wickham. an attention whore and mama's boy who would trot after my mum whenever she left the room, his toenails clacking on the hardwood as though he were a queen tarted up in 6" heels.

mimi is bereft and has yowled for days.

my parents are doing much better. they've donated all the bones and beds and leashes and toys. they swear there will be no more dogs. they are clearing house for whatever lies ahead. they have always, always loved the unknown.


Meggie said...

Yeah, my parents did that after Delilah died. However, once they met Biscuit at the housewarming/graduation weekend, Dad started talking about getting another dog. LOL.

Lara Ehrlich said...

Oh no! Oh, I'm so sorry! Darcy was so sweet and wonderful.