16 June 2010

7 dear world,

rompers have never looked good on anyone.
in the history of human life.


Linda said...

Is that why Levi protests so much when I dress him?

oline said...

yes. he knows you are wronging him and his glamoraunt would not approve.

Les Savy Ferd said...

there is something called a romper? What an awesomely hilarious name. I think all women should be required to wear one on the same day. Romper Day 2010.

oline said...

there is such a thing. and what you have described is pretty much my nightmare.

so here's my romper diatribe:

(a) what the hell is the point? the romper is flattering on NO ONE past the infant stage. even carrie bradshaw could not pull it off. as such, i can only imagine this is some sort of infantalizing fashion horror promulgated by sexist men.

(b) the principle behind the romper is presumably that one is playing so hard one's clothes must be in one piece to thwart wardrobe malfunctions- a principle entirely negated by the fact that rompers are now almost always strapless and, therefore, wardrobe malfunction prone.

(c) what manner of contortions must one endure to pee while wearing a romper?

ok. rompoline out.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i was under the impression that women did not pee (or sweat or smell bad ever) so I don't see how the rompergonomics is a bad thing...

taramoon333 said...

I disagree, I looked kick ass in rompers in 1988.

oline said...

yes, honey, but that was 1988. it is 1988 no longer.