13 June 2010

5 burgered

the odds are very high that this weekend i will have a mcdonald's hamburger. an event that would be quite minor were it not for the fact that i've been craving this burger in earnest since approximately april 1.

which makes it a pretty big huge deal.

there are few opportunities to have mcdonald's in the city. that's actually a lie because there are numerous opportunities but i do not seize them. because walking into a mcdonald's seems decidedly foreign in the absence of hours spent on the road and a tremendously great need to pee.

you can't just WALK into mcdonald's.

and so there was a time that whenever my parents would drive up from memphis, i would make them swing by mcdonald's- because i've had a life-long love affair with beef and, in my life without a car, i had a new-found appreciation for the joys of driving through.

in college we drove everywhere. since burger king was across the street from mcdonalds and the lost boys loved the combo of burger king burgers with mcdonald's fries- a predilection contrary to mine that nonetheless worked in my favor- i tasted the small heaven that is mcdonald's burgers with burger king fries with far greater frequency than i ever deserved. an experience so poetic and lovely that, i now realize, it probably spoiled me for life.

because the world of today is so harsh. i have no car. mcdonald's and burger king are not adjacent. hamburgers can lead to death.

but maybe that just makes you appreciate all the more those moments when you've spent hours on the road and you really have to pee and mcdonald's looms ahead and you know deep down in your heart that there is absolutely nothing in the whole wide world that tastes better than their burgers.


oline said...

YES. i was burgered.
YES. it was good.

Les Savy Ferd said...

No weiner's circle? FOR SHAME.

oline said...

maybe we should go there for sustenance after our boozy BP session.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i wouldn't say no.

Also, for the love of God you need to help me. My stereo / Ipod / Jeep CD player have been hijacked. As someone who has once fallen to such a disease, what is the prognosis? How long until one get over "Turn on the Bright Lights?"

oline said...

i say let them have their day. because it's rare when music so steadfastly attaches itself to a particular time in our lives. but once it does, when you hear it ever after, you always remember that time. so these are the days of your interpol life, pirate. enjoy.