03 May 2010

6 reprise

walking home from jmills' dirty thirty brunch, in the daylight under threat of rain, i saw the slovenian.

he caught my eye, looked me up and down, and smiled in that way men smile at girls they've never met and are imagining naked.

i glared indignantly and walked on home, thanking God for small favors and scotch whiskey.


Linda said...

don't worry. you're still everyone else's angel.

oline said...

that warms my heart.

Acer Negundo said...

Brilliant. He lingers. Mwahahaha...!!!

Ingrid & I are in Glasgow reading your blog. We kind of wish you were watching British reality shows with us. I'm sending Ingrid the link to your blog, k?

oline said...

gosh, i hope not. to the slovenian. of course to ingrid. and i so should be in glasgow. next time your exotic foreign friends get married, i get to be your date, right?

Acer Negundo said...

Well, I know the Slovenian is a bit creepy...but, he's good material! :D

I would have brought you to Scotland in a heartbeat if it could have been arranged. You'd love Edinburgh especially!

Looks like I could be "stranded" here for a few more days due to a second wave of volcanic ash. Oh no. How turrrrrrible. NOT!

oline said...

oh yeah. the volcanic ash. that makes so much more sense. it did seem like you'd been over there forevers.