21 May 2010

2 nailed

jmills and i got our nails did the other day. thus creating the absolute perfect opportunity for my mum to remind me of the time i, a twelve-year-old in the midst of a social studies section on the french revolution, blasted my then-pregnant aunt for her- brace yourself- "bourgeois nail vanity."


Les Savy Ferd said...

sort of a threadjack, but... why on earth did nobody tell me to listen to "Turn on the Bright Lights" before?


(and everything is bouge when you're a 12. well, not really, but is is if you grew up as the folks in our inner circle of nerdlings [croftO, MeO, Oline, SensO, etc] did)

oline said...

DUDE. that is the only thing i listened to on my discman (and yes, this was pre-ipod) in MAPH because the cd jen burned wouldn't play on my computer or stereo. so every time you saw me walking around HP that year and asked me what i was listening to, i told you i was listening to interpol and it was glory and you should listen to it because, well, GLORY. all their subsequent albums have been pretty much disappointing, but that one... sigh.

so i guess what i'm saying is that your mind could have been blown years ago, but better late than never.