15 May 2010

3 life is a mystery

meggie was the first person i met in franklin. i'd been in mrs. d'eramo's 6th grade math class a matter of minutes when she (hair short, red silk shirt, tapered leg jeans) came up to me (hair permed, XXL t-shirt, tapered leg jeans) and said hello.

during a certain lunch period at PMS, she (1) made fun of willie veech's new york accent and said the phrase "hold up five finggggguhs" in a way i have never been able to get out of my head and (2) told a story about how her uncle lost an arm working in a twinkie factory, an untruth debunked so many years later that i have never been able to accept it as anything less than pure fact.

based on the frequency with which it is brought up, her fondest memory of me is from we went shopping at upton's in the summer of 1998, when- scandalized by my first encounter with thongs- i ran about the underwear department brandishing a pair like a flag of surrender. it's the only time i remember her being embarrassed.

finggggguhs, twinkies and thongs. these are the things upon which deep friendships are based.

meggie has been my valentine for the past eight years. i was her maid of honor. for her and no one else, i wore flip-flops with a formal gown. she has taken me at my bitchiest. i have paddled a giant swan with her brother-in-law, the bitterest man we have ever known.

she, the world's second biggest gossip, was the last person to find out the worst kept secret to ever hit franklin, tennessee.

in high school, she was the only one we knew who knew petey- the boy for whom partner and i clutched our hearts in the hallway whenever he walked by.

thanks to my mother's rule that i could not ride with teenage drivers so everyone had to ride with me, much of my memories of meggie (whose birthday is today and whose card did not get mailed soon enough to make it so these words will have to do) are from high school, when we would go shopping at the cool springs galleria, after which we would pile into weezer- my beloved white ford escort gt that inexplicably always smelled like waffles- roll down the windows, turn the radio volume as high as it would go, and blast madonna's "like a prayer," singing along at the top of our lungs.

something we haven't done in ten years. something we need to do ASAP.


Linda said...

aw. and happy berfday to meggie!

oline said...


Meggie said...

I miss my Carolina!!!

And we are definitely doing Chicago in July!!!

And I have absolutely no recall of the Willie Veach story...

And who is a bigger gossip than me???