01 April 2010

4 sprung.

yesterday was GORGEOUS, so katie clen and i feasted at the greek restaurant, snagged ice cream at annette's, and sat in the out-of-doors for the first time in six months, marveling at the fact that there are 18 million babies in this city. seriously, who knew?


Acer Negundo said...

We still have snow.

Pity me.

oline said...

oh i do! that's tragic. if it makes you feel better, knowing chicago, there's probably a 60% we'll get snow again too.

Les Savy Ferd said...

My friend Tom, well, technically his wife, just had a baby yesterday morning.

Make it 18 mil + 1.

oline said...

wait. erin had her baby? i was so not prepared for this person i do not know to have already had her baby. how i lament the swift passage of time.