11 April 2010

6 peaked

i come from an enthusiastic people. a household that places the family bible, goo gone®, mayan statuary, and bonnie bell chapsticks on par in The Hierarchy of Terribly Vital, Equally Interesting Things. we, all three of us, have a propensity for instilling the absolute smallest of events with the greatest possible import.

and i realize- especially after a years-long campaign against the bastardy of 20th century fox's policies regarding vintage tv- that i, of all people, should never mock anyone for enthusiasm toward a television series.

that said, in my role as family documentarian, it seems important to briefly dwell upon my father's reaction to the arrival of his twin peaks boxed set.

yesterday, at approximately 2:15 CST, the twin peaks boxed set arrived in my parents' mailbox.

i was informed of this through a text at 2:16 that read: "2:15: IT IS HERE!!!"

at 2:25, having failed to respond to this news with the appropriate textual fanfare, i received an email from my father. no subject. no message. just this attachment:


if you are thinking this is a generic picture selected from the myriad pictures on the internet of the twin peaks dvd boxed set, then you are wrong. because this is the scanned actual front cover of my father's twin peaks dvd boxed set, 10 minutes after its delivery.

see? enthusiasm.

but forgive me. i am being inaccurate. as he quickly informed me in a 2:35 follow-up to my congratulatory note of 2:33, this was not simply the twin peaks dvd boxed set, but "The Definitive GOLD Box Edition of Twin Peaks!" ie. "(Not brass, not copper, not silver BUT GOLD)."

close on the heels of this news came another email with a rousing endorsement from david lynch himself, who said: "this is a great definitive Twin Peaks Gold Set..." by which he presumably meant the very same copy of the box set my father now owns. from the hands of david lynch to my parents' tv...

last night, as they both separately informed me, my parents watched three hours of twin peaks. 3 down. 26 to go.

my father loves it. my mother doesn't. as the daughter of parents who cannot talk on the phone at the same time yet habitually tell the same stories, i was subjected to two full recaps of the episodes they had seen of this show i have never watched (an ordeal slightly leavened by my father's repeated vocal interpretations of the twin peaks orchestral score).

anyone recall the Eaton Family Ken Burns' The Civil War Viewing Extravaganza of yore? yeah, i'm pretty sure this is that reduxed. and i have to say, never have i ever been more grateful that i do not live at home.


Linda said...

I believe there was also a fb status about it.

Be happy they are (well, he is) into something that cool. My parents haven't emerged from the BBC programming from the 80's, which was apparently before Britain discovered good lighting.

oline said...

oh yea. fb stauses. emails. texts. i expect a letter to arrive in a day or so.

Les Savy Ferd said...

carrier pigeon?

oline said...

oh cripes. freaking birds.

oline said...

oh cripes. freaking birds.

oline said...

clearly i feel very strongly about that.