05 April 2010

2 the obligatory weekly(ish) nod of ardor (and frustration) in the general direction of dear mister james franco

so i finally broke down and read "just before the black" (which you can do HERE if you have the inclination and nothing remotely worthwhile to do with your time).

and though the much-ballyhooed 266 word sentence has gotten much press attention and gives us my new favorite catch-phrase ("why the fuck did you do that, manuel?"), i'd have to say my favorite line was this:

"Joe and I sit and stare at the wall of the building. The building is beige, but the shadows make it shadow-color."

because really, dear james franco, surely at least one person in any one of the four graduate programs in which you are simultaneously enrolled suggested there might be a more apt descriptor for shadows than "shadow-color." otherwise, i do not think you're getting your money's worth.


Les Savy Ferd said...

a) no picture = FRANCOFAIL

b) I think i might need to read that if i need a chuckle later today.

c) shadow-color, is bad, but if he simply took out the hyphen and went all faulknerian on us it might have been better. Take out the first instance of shadows and voila:

"Joe and I sit and stare at the wall of the building. It is a beige shadowcolor."


oline said...

yeah, the picture of him hoisting kafka totally blobbed out on me. stupid.

and pirate, i am getting increasingly psyched about gypsy punks. we must wear purple. we may need to afterparty. you probably will need to peel me off eugene.