12 April 2010

3 monday, 8.17 a.m.

i stepped on a bird.

this was traumatic.

perhaps a bit more so for me than the bird.

because i had to exercise all available willpower to remain a functioning member of society and not give in to the urge to root myself in the middle of the street and scream at the top of my lungs I HAVE STEPPED ON A BIRD! while conducting a hand-sanitizer-based immolation.

the bird seemed less affected. continuing on as before, pecking his beak into what i can only assume was his own bird poo but might've been someone else's.


Linda said...

which begs the question, "were you wearing open-toe shoes???".

oline said...

i was not. boots. but that does not make me feel less violated.

Linda said...

but of course!

ew. birds.