02 April 2010

4 dear 18 million milk gallons i've recycled in the last 16 months: R.I.P.

i started recycling in january 2009, stirred to action by partner's pregnancy and a fear that my mountain of diet coke refuse might one day contribute to a situation in which a child of partner's would breathe unclean air.

the chicago recycling program- entitled "chicago recycles!" (a word i am realizing as i write this i always mistype as "reclycles")- is a fairly unsophisticated beast comprised of a blue bag system, wherein participants buy blue garbage bags, load them with their recyclables, put them in the dumpster and the city garbage workers segregate them out.

this is not an entirely successful enterprise. i have a vivid memory of katie i. leaning over the french toast at frances' to tell me in her best CSI voice that only 1 in 4 bags survives. 75% are doomed to die.

accordingly, i redoubled my efforts, tossing everything in and double-blue-bagging. i was absolutely convinced i was saving the world one empty milk gallon at a time.

so you can imagine my shock and awe when k.lo recently tossed a coke can in the garbage without a care in the world. when i called her out on a lack of ecological conscience, she turned to me and said the words everyone wants to hear when they've spent a year and a half shelling out extra money for specially colored garbage bags: but, oline, they killed that program in january 2009!

oline recycles! sadly, chicago does not.


Meggie said...

If I want to recycle, I have to pay $7 a month.

Les Savy Ferd said...

our neighborhood reclycles. We have giant blue garbage cans next to our giant brown ones. Except passersby always use either for both so I'm not sure what comes of it.

oline said...

i actually took note of those last night when i was leaving your abode. how was the easter basket cupcake? more importantly, are you wearing the ring?

Les Savy Ferd said...

the ring will not fit on my fat, cupcake-eating fingers.

the cupcake itself was, ok.