19 April 2010

2 biogrophiled

yesterday, in our conversation regarding the huge heap of bibliographical booth business coming my way, the world famous biographess said one of those things that you just know will change your life forever.

in singing the praises of another biographical researcher, she said this: "her bibliography, it was just gorgeous. truly, the sexiest citations i ever saw."

thus, from here on out, it is my sole aim in life to produce sexy citations. a bibliography whose short titles and parenthetical text references are so erotically proper that the hearts of biographers of the future will be sent into palpitations and they will be left more than a little turned on.


Linda said...

love the title. well, love the whole thing. but the title was too brilliant to let slide without comment.

oline said...

i'll admit that, as a wordsmith, i was pretty proud of that one.