16 April 2010

4 and this is where we all bow down to kristina, queen of the mot d'esprit

"i'm not even listening."
"don't. it will make your heart bleed."

"he looks like keats!"
"oh yeah, god. except less sallow and without the mojo."

"well i guess this is the kind of concert you can take your mom to."

"i got so addicted to the wire. i could just feel the addiction coming. like when you have sex without a condom and you're like, 'fuck. i'm pregnant.'"

"that kind of looks like tom ford but not enough."

"i was like if you're not getting onstage in a lime green unitard, you're just not committed."

"you know why this is weird? because we are in a room where everyone has read twilight."

"oh wow... that is a lot of... pattern."

"there are a disturbing number of polo shirts here."

"you know what kind of crowd this is? sarah mclachlan. except for fewer lesbians."

"i don't care enough to make artistic statements with my tongue."

"i've reached a point in my life where i really want to date a guy who wears a suit, but you know, i just can't. that is so not my constituency."

"this entire crowd is composed of people who would go to morocco just to smoke pot."


Lara Ehrlich said...

Where and WHAT was this event!? And how fabulous that you crammed an entire month's worth of quotes in one evening.

Kristina said...

Wow. And I wasn't even drunk. Skillz!

oline said...


Linda said...

love this!!