03 April 2010

2 30 x 30

one month before her 30th birthday, e has accomplished her goal of 30 x 30. a triumph that has made us all reevaluate the entirety of our lives.

we have not been to 30 countries. we did not even think to have international travel goals.

doing a quick tally and including our own, i've wracked up nine countries. with a quick jaunt up to birnsy, canada could possibly be squeezed in during the next year but 10 x 30 doesn't quite have the same ring. it is not nearly as ambitious as i would like to think i am. on the other hand, to start aiming for 35 x 35 seems far too demanding. even i have the sense to realize that, barring a radical financial/lifestyle/employment/credit card debt change, 20 countries in 6 years is a mission doomed before it's even begun.

and yet, i want a mission. i do not want to give into the idea that at the ripe old age of 28, i may have already aged out of this pursuit.

so 15 x 35 it is. get ready, world. here i come. eventually.


Les Savy Ferd said...

hmmm. missed this post. Let's see, for me:


i got 9.

you'd think pirateering would get me more places.

oline said...

what the/where the heck is angleterre?! are you referring to what we who speak the king's english rather than the king's piratash would call england?